"To be human is to live suspended between the scale of gluons and the scale of galaxies, yearning to fathom our place in the universe."

Maria Popova


To preserve the planet as habitat for humans, we must fundamentally question our beliefs and assumptions about life, the biosphere, ourselves and even the perceived reality itself.

We must RETHINK and REFORMULATE … and compose a HumanVerse that reflects the interconnectedness and equal importance to all of everything that lives.



To build replicable Human Pupose Villages at suitable locations

  • vertically integrated, self-sustaining, climate-adaptive, high-tech driven, circular
  • providing comprehensive subsistance – food, water, energy, shelter, health, community
  • exploring and formulating the meaning, significance, purpose and values of human existence
  • interlinking ecosystems and human habitat niche, reducing impact and usage
  • supporting local economic, social, and cultural development
  • facilitating interdisciplinary R&D of human and biosphere co-existence

To create a complementary Web3 based digital economy and experience sphere

  • offering 3D communication, social and metaverse experience spaces
  • enabling knowledge sharing and scientific research
  • creating value, enabling investment and ownership participation with tokenized economy


The Human Purpose Village Project aspires to advance and bring to fruition all 17 Sustainablity Development Goals of the United Nations in one single location.

The Human Purpose Village Project is keenly aware of anthropological, social, psychological, and spiritual constituents, constants, and dynamics of human co-existence in varying ecological patterns.
We bank on and refer to the creative solutions, values, virtues, feelings, and aspirations humanity has catalysed in a multitude of cultures, ethnicities and geographics over the millennia.


Resettling earth, regenerating the biosphere
 human scale,
step by step, place to place

fully sustainable • self-sufficient • interconnected • preserving biodiversity • climate adaptive • ecologically smart • technologically advanced • meeting ESG criteria • achieving 17 SDGs



Initial Team

Giò Beust


Multifaceted visionary, artist, and serial entrepreneur
Trained banker, laywer, and consultant Philosopher, publicist, researcher
Fluent in 5 languages
Book publisher, politician and realtor Consultant for Interconnective Development (CID) Breathwork Instructor (HEAL)

Hans Christian Meiser


Well-known author, TV presenter, magazine editor, publisher and publicist.

His literary work focuses on philosphical topics. His horizon of interests is multifaceted and global.

Rainer Stempel


Graduate civil engineer with 30+ years in construction management and lead of large projects in the field of special civil engineering in Germany and abroad.
His interest in psychology, philosophy and practical spirituality led to trainings as a Consultant for Interconnective Development (CID) and Breathwork Instructor (HEAL).

Pioneers (tbc)

We are reaching out to groundbreaking thinkers / researchers / designers / activists from various fields to partake in the project*.


*These names stand for a deeply human, ecological, truthful, empathic and aesthetic perception and search for knowledge.


We need to start from scratch, build arks/human ecovillages … to preserve and restore our ecological niche, so we can travel into the future of our destiny.

… we need to rediscover or “unearth” the concepts of life and the wisdom of first peoples that lived on our planet for ten thousends of years and reinterpret and implement them with the means and tools that the scientific civilization has generated.

Marinalva Manoel (murdered Amazon Guarani leader)

When I heard the learn’d astronomer
When the proofs, the figures
Were ranged in columns before me
When I was shown the charts
And the diagrams
To add, divide, and measure them
When I, sitting
Heard the astronomer
Where he lectured with much
Applause in the lecture-room
How soon, unaccountable
I became tired and sick
Till rising and gliding out
I wander’d off by myself
In the mystical moist night-air
And from time to time
Look’d up in perfect silence
At the stars.

Walt Whitman, Leaves of Grass

Let's make something great together
The Human Purpose Village Project

Giò Beust
Heinrichsgasse 16
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